Video NFTs, Trillion dollar Metaverse and the Whitney Houston archive sale: Content3.0 wrap of the week

Video NFTs, Trillion dollar Metaverse and the Whitney Houston archive sale: Content3.0 wrap of the week
Traffic in central Singapore, the city state that is fast becoming the de facto home of Crypto in Asia. © Photograph by Sam Barcroft 2017

This week saw the launch of Content3.0, our new forum for creative entrepreneurs interested in Web3.0 and the Metaverse.

I was so pleased to see a fantastic group sign up for this project, many of whom jumped straight into the discussion on our Discord server.

For the benefit of the wider Creatorville audience, I've collated the best of the Content3.0 forum insights from members below.

If you're keen to get involved in the forum, please sign up for Content3.0 here.

Our first group Zoom call is on Wednesday, December 8th at 1700GMT.

Content 3.0 Discord pick of the week:

Viral Video NFTs

@damianc told us that he'd sold a video NFT of Charlie Bit My Finger for $760,999 earlier this year:

‘Charlie Bit My Finger’ YouTube video sells as NFT for $760,999
It appeared that the “Charlie Bit My Finger” video had been removed from YouTube after the meme’s NFT was sold Sunday.

He also shared his next project, NFT VIRALS

More from @damianc about how all this happened on the upcoming group Zoom call.

Lost on Penalties...

@topcorner revealed the amazing ConstitutionDAO project. This is a genius Decentralised Autonomous Organisation designed to buy one of the only remaining original copies of the US Constitution to keep it available for wider society instead of being owned privately.

Crypto bidders miss out as U.S. constitution copy sells for $43 mln
A crowd-funded bid by cryptocurrency enthusiasts to buy a rare copy of the U.S. constitution fell short on Thursday, after the document sold to another buyer for $43.2 million, a record price for a printed text, according to auction house Sotheby’s.

Sadly, despite raising an astonishing 40m+ dollars, the DAO was pipped at the post by an anonymous buyer.

Given the disillusionment with politics at present, this looks like the harbinger of stunning projects of the near future.

NFT art - not what it might seem:

@johnwrightphoto dropped a brilliant article into the forum, with this comment:

The Nihilism and Exploitation of the NFT Industry
Everybody’s doing NFTs. There’s an NFT supergroup, the Charlotte Hornets are doing NFTs, Hollywood is thinking about NFTs. Non-Fungible Tokens are “unique digital goods” if you squint and otherwise are an environmental hazard built to grift desperate people into believing they hold something of valu…
I think the contractural aspects of blockchain are valid and i think that NFT contracts have real value. But i also think that all of us in this space have suspended our instinctual disbelief over the whole area of ‘NFTs are a new art space’. This essay speaks to those doubts and gives us a little moment to pause and think. NFT Twitter reads very differently after digesting this essay

Who will own the Metaverse?

The CEO of Epic Games Tim Sweeney has been getting excited about the size of the opportunity in the Metaverse:

Epic CEO: Metaverse A ‘Multitrillion-Dollar’ Opportunity
The Chief Executive Officer of Epic Games sees the “metaverse” as a potentially “multitrillion-dollar part of the world economy.”

Interestingly, this sounds more Web2 than Web3 -

“The next three years are going to be critical for all of the metaverse-aspiring companies like Epic, Roblox, Microsoft, Facebook,” Sweeney is quoted as saying. “It’s kind of a race to get to a billion users, whoever brings on a billion users first, would be the presumed leader in setting the standards"

Sounds more like a carve up than a decentralised utopia?

Fantastic Content recommendations from the forum:

Web3.0 building remarkable investor momentum

@TomR shared a brilliant conversation between Tim Ferriss, Naval Ravikant and Chris Dixon. It is possibly the best content I've experienced to set out the direction of travel of the internet towards Web3.0. Give it a listen:

@afaidd shared this amazing monologue from the founder of Global Macro Investor, who argues that crypto is a "black hole" that is sucking in all of the world's talent and value at a speed that no one can comprehend:

@TomGeee raised a good question about AR NFTs after some rights negotiations... which led us to think that the lawyers involved in this dispute may end up doing quite well:

Miramax Sues Quentin Tarantino Over “Pulp Fiction” NFTs. Tarantino Moves Forward
This is going to be interesting. Miramax sent a cease and desist letter to Quentin Tarantino and his team regarding the “Pulp Fiction” NFTs they’re

A few shares from @Sam_B

This was a great wrap up of current major Hollywood studios NFT projects from Variety:

Hollywood’s NFT Gold Rush: Behind the Hope and Hype
NFTs, or nonfungible tokens, are something of a Rorschach test. The craze for the technology, which verifies ownership of unique digital assets, has swept across content industries in 2021. But wil…

Add here's a cool new podcast called Overpriced JPEGs all about NFT's from the Bankless crew:

And finally... I will always love her, and it seems Whitney fans will be able to snap up an exclusive recording from her archive:

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