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So, farewell to another week of chaos and creativity in the emerging world of Web3.

As the coins head ever lower and whale fins droop, we can be uplifted by the news that content innovation continues regardless!

A big thank you to Dan Jones, CEO of Little Dot Studios who invited me for a fireside chat at their wonderful offices in east London this week.  It was brilliant to discuss Web3 with such a talented bunch of people.

Here are my favourite stories in Content3 this week:

What a pile of Krapopolis!

Summary: Fox has finally officially launched its big new animated show, Krapopolis. It says the series is the "first-ever animated show entirely curated on the blockchain". Will the Stoner Cats' fur be standing on end?

Source: https://adage.com/article/special-report-tv-upfront/foxs-nft-strategy-krapopolis-tv-show/2417371

Sam’s take: Of the legacy US TV networks, Fox has been the keenest to get into NFTs to date. And despite the name, Krapopolis is a big show with industry heavyweights like Rick and Morty writer Dan Harmon and IT Crowd's Richard Ayoade on board. But it's unclear why Fox feels the need to Web3 this franchise. They will launch a range of NFT collectables to accompany the show. It's also their first-ever wholly owned and financed animated series out of Fox Entertainment. Is Fox using Krapopolis to try several innovations all at once?

Veecon is GO... Social star hosts the first NFT ticketed superconference 🎟

Summary: This week saw the first outing of VeeCon, which features keynotes, talks, panels and interviews across Web3, culture and business. The brainchild of social media entrepreneur Gary Vaynerchuck, attendees needed to buy NFTs to gain entry.

Source: https://www.nftculture.com/nft-news/veecon-the-first-nft-ticketed-super-conference/

Sam’s take: Gary Vee has been one of the big winners in NFT to date.  His mix of social media presence and canny entrepreneurial projects is delivering impressive outcomes. Ticketing is a great use case for NFTs, and where better to test it than a conference about.... yeah.

Can diversity exist in the metaverse?

Summary: A fantastic editorial dropped this week on Hunger.tv which explores the opportunities and the challenges of ensuring the Metaverse is a great place for diversity. If you can be anything you want, what will you be? And "what does this mean for gender identity and race?"

Source: https://www.hungertv.com/editorial/can-diversity-exist-in-the-metaverse/

Sam’s take: This is one of those great pieces of journalism that forces you to you ask yourself fundamental questions. The Metaverse offers us the opportunity to present ourselves to others as whoever we want to be. But is this healthy? The ethics of the Metaverse will become a huge issue over the coming years, and this is a great starting point for thinking in this vital area

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