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Sandra Lehner and Eliza Filby are our special guests for this Tuesday's Creatorville Live call

I'm excited to interview two of Europe's top experts on the habits and behaviours of younger generations tonight.

The TV futurist Sandra Lehner and Eliza Filby, the generations expert and historian of contemporary values join me to dig into the broader trends that are emerging, and also figure out how this will affect the content game.

We will dig into how Generations Z and Alpha think, what they want from content and how they behave differently to older consumers.

And we'll discuss how the content industry can best take advantage of the changes in behaviour we are likely to see.

So, register for the call to join us as we figure out how to super-serve younger audiences - and don't forget to keep your questions flowing in the chat!

See you at 5 pm!

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Sam Barcroft

Sam Barcroft

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