The TV industry's PR Guru turned Publisher: Justin Crosby

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He is the friendly face at all the major TV industry events. And he keeps the secrets of many of television's most prominent producers.

So I was delighted when Justin agreed to come and be my guest on THE BIG SWING PODCAST.

Justin explained to me the three biggest decisions he made on his quest for success.

Justin Crosby founded Boom Dialogue 13 years ago.

Boom is a go-to, international PR agency representing prestigious clients who produce and distribute award-winning TV and video content across all genres. Justin has successfully raised the profile of many companies, including my previous business Barcroft Studios.

But when Covid hit, years of his hard work were wiped away as the PR industry shut down overnight. Β 

Undeterred, and armed with his black book of TV's biggest names, he created called Tellycast, a weekly TV industry news show podcast.

Tellycast has grown from a podcast into a franchise, including a newsletter, website and events business.

Justin’s inspiring story shows how with nothing more than a microphone and computer, he grew a podcast that helped keep the conversation going for producers when they needed it most, during lockdown.

Hosted by pioneering new media entrepreneur Sam Barcroft, in this episode, Sam explores:

  • The role of PR in the content and media. How the two need each other.
  • How conquering imposter syndrome and following a passion can build into much more.
  • Being armed with one skillset and the right network, you can conquer different markets and succeed.

You can listen by following this link on apple podcasts, or on your favourtie podcast app.

Produced in association with the brilliant Spirit Studios

Executive Producer: Fred Casella
Episode Producer: Lauren Abery
Sound Designer: Will Horrocks
Created by: Sam Barcroft

Sam Barcroft

Sam Barcroft

Creative entrepreneur and strategist with over 30 years experience of building media businesses