Netflix exec's private jet fly-bys, Creatorville's Predictions for 2023 live call, Alex Morris reveals all, and: Will a K-pop gig start a VR revolution?...News from Creatorville

Will K-pop acts become the breakthrough pioneers of VR content? News from SXSW, where it has been announced that K-pop girl group aespa are to debut their first-ever Virtual Reality concert at Austin's legendary conference this year.

πŸ€ Meta getting dunk on live VR show, Johnny Depp launches celebrity NFTs, and YouTube's "unimaginable opportunity" in Web3: Content3 Weekly Wrap 🍽

It seems blindingly obvious that upgrading YouTube's product so that talent can issue their own NFTs could be a game-changer. With 2bn active users per week, uptake of Web3 by such a behemoth would likely be transformational.

πŸ‘‘ YouTubers make $23million in 10 minutes, Aussies to plant 25,000 NF-Trees, and which streamer is featuring your NFT in their big show? 🌲

There are multiple revelations in this excellent interview, but the one that stood out was Jon's claim that a major streamer has a technology team working to enable NFT owners to see their digital selves on screen