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How to make bold decisions to live your best life

5 key questions to help you minimise risk and maximise outcomes I've always felt like a risk-averse person. But when I tell friends this, they laugh. Many of them tell me I'm a huge risk taker. So I thought I might share twelve of the biggest career decisions I've taken so far

You must stop to succeed

I don't know a single successful person that worked hard who didn't end up in a bad way at some point. But I've learned that the most successful people are careful with their time, and often do less hours that their peers.

When things start to feel impossible, take action!

A few times during my life, I've felt that things couldn’t be fixed, that I was doomed to failure. I was a regular passenger on the downward-spiral helter-skelter. And now I've learned that with practice, it's possible to quickly reverse that feeling.