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NFT sales are through the floor, but Web3 building continues apace.  Here are my favourite stories from the world where content meets NFTs and the Metaverse this week:

Stranger Fans push back against NFT games

Fans took to Twitter to moan about the latest NFT project around the cult Netflix  TV franchise. Viewers were able to earn limited edition digital movie posters of the main characters by winning mini-games.

‘Stranger Things’ Netflix NFTs Face Fan Backlash - Decrypt
Netflix partnered with Candy Digital to create “Stranger Things” NFTs on the Palm blockchain, but some fans call the promotion “trash.”

Sam's take:

Netflix spends a fortune marketing its crown-jewel show brands.  There can't be many of its target audience that were unaware of the latest series drop. It's great that they are innovating, but Netflix must take care.  Cult fans take their fandom very seriously.  And if they feel publishers are trhying to profit from them, or dilute the magic of their show, it doesn't go well!

Zuck showcases his 2D build-it-yourself Metaverse play

Last year Meta bought Unit 2, the British gaming company behind Crayta. This week the Meta CEO went live in the game to showcase its launch on Facebook Gaming.  Crayta allows players to build their own games, where multiple users can interact.

Mark Zuckerberg shows vision for user-created metaverse with Crayta tools
Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced that user-generated content tools will help bridge 2D gaming experiences on Facebook to the metaverse.

Sam's take:  

By enabling users to create their own games, Zuck is banking on creators to build their own playground.  This approach is being echoed at Epic Games, where it is already possible to build mini games within Fortnite. Will this "Provide the tools, let the gamers built the games" approach work? YouTube exploded because people could upload a video and earn ad revenue.  It was a simple deal.  This feels more complex and with only 1.7k followers on Facebook, Crayta doesn't seem to have scaled much so far.

Premier League files Web3 trademarks

A US lawyer has revealed that England's Premier League has filed to protect its trademark across the realms of Web3:

Sam's take:

This looks like good housekeeping from the Premier League. It would be foolhardy not to proactively protect their valuable brands in the new digital world.  But there has been negative press amongst fans regarding coins issued by Premiership teams. I would expect the Prem to hold off launching actual Web3 projects just forthe moment.

Ape saved! Stolen Simian safe.

We reported on the news that Seth Green's Bored Ape NFT had been "kidnapped", and that production of the show featuring the Ape had been stopped. It has been reported that $297,000 changed hands for its safe return.

Seth Green’s Stolen Bored Ape Is Back Home
“Fred is back home.”

Sam's take: I have no words. But I'm glad the ape is home.

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