🎥 Video interviews with Melissa Chapman and Graham Wallington from the Content3 Forum 💡

Can you save wild animals through NFTs? And how do you educate and inspire young people about the future via their social feeds?

Having two fantastic creative entrepreneurs join me on the last Content3 Forum call was a real treat. And you can now watch their interviews on Vimeo.

Melissa Chapman is the award-winning co-CEO of Jungle Creations, a social media focussed media company based in London.

Jungle has built 130 million followers across various platforms since its formation in 2015.

Melissa joined us to discuss the launch of Futur3ology, Jungle's new social-first consumer brand.

She explained her "Three C's" approach to brand development that has seen Jungle build seven successful publishing brands already.

It was brilliant to understand the brand building approach that has built Jungle into one of the market leaders in social video, recently selling the majority of their company for £30m.

Graham Wallington is the CEO of Wildearth.tv, which live streams amazing safaris from Africa each day, predominately via FAST channels.

During our interview, Graham explained how he managed to launch his brand new conservation NFT.

Trying to avoid the ecological impacts of traditional NFT minting on Ethereum meant Graham and his team chose the Polygon blockchain.

And Graham revealed fascinating insights on the realities and practicalities of how to succeed with a new NFT drop.

Graham's interview starts around 36.17 - just select the second blue dot on the Vimeo timeline.

Huge thanks to Graham and Melissa for sharing their journeys with us - it's much appreciated.

I hope you enjoy hearing from these two amazing pioneers!

Sam Barcroft

Sam Barcroft

Creative entrepreneur and strategist with over 30 years experience of building media businesses