How to succeed in Hollywood: Jessica Hargrave, producer of GOOD NIGHT OPPY and THE KEEPERS - THE BIG SWING Podcast S1 E3

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Jessica Hargrave is one of Hollywood’s most sought-after documentary producers.

I've known Jess since she was crowd-funding her first independent documentary, whilst holding down a day job at the same time.

She is an amazing woman and a brilliant example of how it's possible to succeed in Hollywood.

Arriving in Los Angeles with no film making experience, Jess has prevailed using sheer determination, spirit and talent.

Jessica burst onto the scene as the producer of the Netflix smash-hit THE KEEPERS, the investigation into the murder of a nun in Baltimore that in turn uncovered appalling child abuse in the Catholic Church.  

That breakout success has led to many notable films, of which the latest is in partnership with Steven Spielberg’s Amblin Entertainment and George Lucas’ Industrial Light & Magic: GOOD NIGHT OPPY.

It tells the story of how NASA’s 90-day Mars Rover mission turned into a 15-year epic expedition. ILM used hundreds of thousands of images of Mars to recreate a photorealistic Martian landscape, helping to make this film as remarkable as the mission itself.

In this episode, we explore:

  • What bravery feels like when it comes to following your dream.
  • How the obstacles you might face may not be business-related.
  • Why sometimes timing is everything - and if it is in your favour, how to best ride the wave of success.
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You can watch her latest movie GOOD NIGHT OPPY - hotly tipped for an Oscar nomination - on Amazon Prime Video

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