How to build the world's biggest LGBTQ+ news brand- Benjamin Cohen: Ep 2 of THE BIG SWING

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Episode two of our podcast features British entrepreneur Benjamin Cohen, the founder and CEO of Pink News.

Pink News was founded by Benjamin when he was only 23. It was a side hustle to his main job as an on-screen news correspondent on UK’s Channel 4 News.

Fast forward seventeen years and Pink News is now the world’s most popular online platform for the LGTBQ+ community, reaching over 60 million unique users per month across their various channels.

In this episode, Sam Barcroft and Benjamin explore:

  • How any setback can become an opportunity with a bit of hustle and the right mindset/perspective
  • What it feels like to bet your company’s future on one big new partnership
  • How to bring your partner into your business and work successfully with them
  • Dealing with multiple sclerosis as a founder and CEO
  • The power of taking urgent action
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Benjamin is a consummate media entrepreneur - having built and sold his first company whilst still a teenager.

And his bravery in standing up for his beliefs - despite relentless pressure -  is particularly inspiring.

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Sam Barcroft

Sam Barcroft

Creative entrepreneur and strategist with over 30 years experience of building media businesses