How I became TV’s go-to coach: Remy Blumenfeld, founder, leader and pioneer

How I became TV’s go-to coach: Remy Blumenfeld, founder, leader and pioneer

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Being a first-time founder of a media company, you have to learn on the job.

With all of the ups and downs of trying to grow a business whilst building a top-quality team, leadership can be a lonely place.

And sometimes, when a number of challenges arrive at once, it can feel almost impossible.

Which is why I got myself a coach.

Nearly all top executives use a coach. and most elite athletes too.

So if I wanted to be the best in the business, I knew I needed to follow their example.

Having somebody on your side who is more experienced than you are is a brilliant advantage.

You can share your challenges, which always helps.

You can go through your ideas together and begin to solve them.

And you can listen to someone wise who can offer external context and rational analysis.

Once you've agreed on your course of action, they are there to hold you to account.

This week’s episode of THE BIG SWING PODCAST features my coach, Remy Blumenfeld.

Remy is a brilliant TV entrepreneur, having founded and sold two production companies, before becoming a senior leader at ITV Studios.

I found Remy whilst I was deep into the sale process of my own company, Barcroft Studios.

It was a moment of joy for me.

I found myself talking with someone who had been in almost exactly the same situation as me - and had successfully sold twice already.

Remy brilliantly guided me through what was the biggest deal of my career with charm, wisdom and almost brutal honesty.

His coaching took me from the edge of failure to brilliant success.

So I’m delighted to hear just how Remy:

  1. Decided to break into TV by becoming an entertainment presenter in New York
  2. Started his very own production company
  3. Sold it to Endemol at the same time as splitting with his partner
  4. Survived a life-threatening condition which changed his approach to life
  5. Followed his destiny to become a top coach to leaders in media.

My conversation with Remy was such a pleasure.

His intelligence means that wherever I need to go, he is able to advise and support me.

Remy is straight with me - his honest reality checks are especially valuable.

And Remy holds me to account, ensuring that I actually do what I say I want to.

So please take a listen to this week’s episode of THE BIG SWING PODCAST.

I’m in Finland this week on adventures with my family - enjoy your week everyone!


Sam Barcroft

Sam Barcroft

Creative entrepreneur and strategist with over 30 years experience of building media businesses