🍽 Gary Vee's Dining Club NFT sells out, exploring Theta.tv with Cameron Saless on the Content3 Zoom, and Selfridges launches in-store NFT sale: It's the Weekly Wrap 😘

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Here are the stories that are setting the agenda in the emerging world of NFTs and the Metaverse this week.

Running video channels on the blockchain

It was great to see so many of you on this week's Content3 forum Zoom call. It was 90 minutes of fascinating insights, great questions and lots of learning for me.

A special thank you to Cameron Saless, Chief Business Officer of Trusted Media Brands, who joined to discuss their recent partnership with blockchain video company Theta.tv

It was fascinating to hear about how they are working together on multiple projects, leveraging the global success of the Fail Army and Pet Collective brands.

These include Theta running 24/7 streaming channels based on the TMB brands, minting NFT collections around famous videos, and also trialling video distribution technology together.

We were lucky enough to quiz Cameron about many aspects of IP, video distribution and NFTs too. Given his depth of experience across digital media, I found his observations incredibly insightful.

If you missed the call, you can catch up by watching the video below:

We will be holding the next Forum call #0003 at 1700GMT on Wednesday, February 16th.

If you have subjects you would like to cover, guests you think would be great to feature, or feedback on the first two calls, please email mailcreatorville@gmail.com.

NF-afternoon-T: Gary Vee's new restaurant sells out its dining club memberships

Gary Vee built his formidable personal brand by leveraging YouTube.  His wine review videos from his father's off license in New Jersey helped Gary build an impressive social media empire.

As his relentless entrepreneurial energy seems limitless, Gary has already been working hard on NFT projects.

And the latest is an exclusive New York restaurant where the only people able to reserve a table are those who have purchased a specifically minted NFT. Read more here:

The First Ever NFT Dining Club Is Coming to New York
This will bring a whole new experience in the NFT and culinary world, and NFT holders will have access to the exclusive restaurant.

As you might expect, the initial sale was a great success, and according to reports, all memberships have been sold already. This leaves two ways to get a table

  1. Get a member to invite you for dinner, or
  2. Buy a membership from Opensea:

On sale at ~4ETH today, the memberships have increased significantly in price since their initial offering.

That sweet taste of success!

Selfridges goes IRL only to sell its first NFTs

Forget online exchanges - top London department store Selfridges has announced it is selling a multitude of NFTs in its flagship location on Oxford Street.

Read more here:

Selfridges steps into metaverse with ‘over the counter’ NFTs
Selfridges is the latest fashion company to step into the metaverse as it announces it has begun selling NFTs in its physical stores. The iconic British

Fashion brands have been falling over their platform shoes in desperate haste to dominate the super cool new trend of NFTs and the Metaverse.  And as a top luxury retailer, Selfridges makes perfect sense as an NFT retailer.

But, surely the point of NFTs is their digital nature, and the fact you can trade them so easily?

However, wealthy people travel to London from across the world just to spend significant sums of money at Selfridges.  And stepping onto their Corner Store to drop a few grand on a virtual Paco Rabanne dress, or a JPEG by artist Victor Vasarely probably makes a lot of sense as a top vacation souvenier 🤷‍♂️

Thanks very much again to all those who joined this month's Zoom.

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