🏏 Cricket NFTs, ITV open John Lewis store in Fortnite, and Pokemon Go's new 'real-world metaverse': Content3.0 wrap of the week 🔫

🏏 Cricket NFTs, ITV open John Lewis store in Fortnite, and Pokemon Go's new 'real-world metaverse': Content3.0 wrap of the week 🔫
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GA and happy Friday all!

Here's a wrap of the Content3.0 headlines catching our attention this week. Today is a metaverse special!

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All systems Go as Pokemon creators funded for AR metaverse

Niantic raises $300M at a $9B valuation to build the ‘real-world metaverse’

This is a big deal because Niantic has already proved it can deliver hugely successful AR experiences at scale. They are also providing a developer kit so others can build AR games using their code.

Do we think AR has a better chance of mass adoption than headset-worn VR?

Hitting cricket clips for six! Company to sell cricket archives as NFTs


The amazing support for cricket and the IPL particularly in Asia means that this new venture has a huge and vibrant Total Addressable Market of fans.

But the details around the gaming elements are scarce right now.

What does the archive deal with the ICC tell us about international rights holders appetites for innovation?

ITV sweats Fortnite for I'm a Celeb e-comm partnership


This is a crazy story - but an interesting one.  It seems ITV are getting stuck in to offering innovative partnerships for their flagship I'm A Celebrity show.  This time, they have built a John Lewis Store in Fortnite - just using the publicly available tools in Creative mode.

According to The Drum, It seems they didn't seek authorisation from Fortnite parent company Epic. They just built a home in the Fortnite Metaverse for their client.

Is this a genius way of reaching young viewers where they are hanging out? Or a gimmick to keep advertisers engaged?

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