📡 Content3 Zoom live TOMORROW 1700GMT featuring special guests: Jungle's Melissa Chapman and Graham Wallington of Wildearth.tv 🦍

📡 Content3 Zoom live TOMORROW 1700GMT featuring special guests: Jungle's Melissa Chapman and Graham Wallington of Wildearth.tv 🦍
This month's special guests: Melissa Chapman, Cco-CEO Jungle Creations, and Graham Wallington, CEO Wildearth.tv

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Dear all,

I am most excited to present our two key guests for tomorrow's zoom call #0003.

Melissa Chapman is Co-Chief Executive Officer at Jungle Creations, leading the company’s content and brand strategy. Melissa joined the social-first publisher in January 2016, and has since grown the company’s audience from one million to over 130 million followers. Melissa has been honoured by several prestigious industry bodies, including being named ‘Publishing Executive of the Year' at the Digiday Media Awards Europe.

Melissa and her team have just launched Futur3ology, an exciting new consumer media brand that is all about tech and what is coming next.

Given Melissa's great success in developing huge audiences around Jungle's existing seven digital-first brands, it will be fantastic to explore:

  1. Why develop a new community in tech and the future?
  2. What is it about NFTs, gaming, robotics and the like that drove your choice?
  3. How Jungle goes about developing new brands and shows
  4. What social audiences think about these new areas
  5. Melissa's best advice for starting future-focussed projects.

Graham Wallington is the co-founder and CEO of Wildearth.tv, which streams live safari shows from the African wilderness each day.

And he hit the headlines this month when Wildearth announced the launch of their genesis NFT collection for wildlife conservation. I wrote about it in an earlier blog post which you can find here.

On the Zoom call which is exclusively live just for Content3 and Creatorville members, we will all get the chance to find out:

  1. Why Graham decided to launch his NFT collection
  2. How he went about choosing the Polygon blockchain
  3. The thinking behind the 40% of mint proceeds going straight to conservation, and how the smart contract was developed
  4. How things are going so far...
  5. Graham's tips and tricks for launching an NFT

So, please take 1 minute to register for tomorrow's Zoom call here, and take the opportunity to quiz these two fantastic content entrepreneurs directly

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Sam Barcroft

Sam Barcroft

Creative entrepreneur and strategist with over 30 years experience of building media businesses