💎 Content3 Zoom call TOMORROW at 1700GMT 🎥

Content3 exists to bring together creative entrepreneurs interested in the intersection of content and emerging technology.

Last month we jumped on a Zoom call to discuss a whole range of experiences, thoughts, opinions and explanations around the emerging worlds of Web3.0 and the Metaverse.

It was fantastic to host a rolling conversation with such an interesting group of people.

If you missed the call, you can check out the video here:

During tomorrow's call we will be discussing:

  1. Partnering with blockchain companies to deliver content
  2. What is a DAO, and might production companies use them as a new business model?
  3. Disney's new patent for an immersive experience technology
  4. How robust is the technology underpinning NFTs?
  5. Building a brand new Metaverse

If you have other suggestions or questions, please reply to this email and we'll try to fit them into the agenda.

And if you've received this email and haven't yet got a calendar invite to the call, please let me know and we will send one right away.

Looking forward to seeing you at 1700GMT tomorrow!

Sam Barcroft

Sam Barcroft

Creative entrepreneur and strategist with over 30 years experience of building media businesses