Content3.0: Tupac shots for sale, Tolkien estate coining it in, Royal raising for music tokens

Content3.0: Tupac shots for sale, Tolkien estate coining it in, Royal raising for music tokens
New York, NY. © Photograph by Sam Barcroft 2013

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Here are a few of the content stories making news in the Metaverse / Web3.0 today:

New funding for music platform which enables fans to invest in original songs

So many people have suggested that after expensive JPEGS comes expensive MP3's...

And that is because compared to movies or games, producing high-quality music can be quite a quick process.

So Royal looks to be an early front-runner in the race to tokenise music from established artists:

3LAU Raises $16M to Tokenize Music Royalties for Artists and Fans
Paradigm and Founders Fund each invested $7 million, the crypto-savvy DJ told CoinDesk, with Paradigm’s Fred Ehrsam joining the board.

What do we think? Does this make sense for young people of today? What problem does Royal solve for music fans?

It's a Dead Ringer!

The estate of the late, great Lord of the Rings author has successfully acted against a "J R R Token", using the arbitration process at the World Intellectual Property Organization to seize the offending domain, and successfully recovering legal costs to boot.

Lord of the Rings cryptocurrency taken to task by JRR Tolkien’s estate
Lawyers have put a pin in the “one token to rule them all”.

This is great news for owners of established brands. But does it overstep the mark? How might fans feel about this type of enforcement in the new world?

Picture Me Rolling - photography has a new value proposition?

Digitalisation was a huge boon for photography in the 2000's, but it then destroyed licensing values through an overwhelming oversupply of content.  Web2.0 then harnessed the oversupply of photos into apps like Instagram, getting people to share their own photos for free.

So it's interesting to see photographers turning to as a new way to sell their work:

Rare Tupac Shakur photographs to be sold as NFTs
A rare collection of Tupac Shakur photographs, taken during a release party for his debut album, are being released as an NFT.

Will NFT's find a way to finally restore the value of unique photos?

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Sam Barcroft

Sam Barcroft

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